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30/01/15 The fourth ARCHER Newsletter was released on 30 January 2015. Read online here

21/01/15 The second ARCHER EUROCOURSE, hosted by NRG, was held in Petten from 19-20 January 2015. Click here for more info

26/11/14 The third ARCHER Newsletter was released on 26 November 2014. Read online here

28/10/14 The ARCHER final meeting was held on 21-22 Jan 2015 at NRG in Petten (NL).

27/10/14 The High Temperature Reactor (HTR) Conference was held from 27-31 October 2014 in Weihai, Shandong Province, China. Click here for more info

29/03/14 The second Newsletter was released on 28 March 2014. Read online here

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Highlight: HTR Conference 2014

"The modular High Temperature Reactor is advancing towards reality".

Under this motto, more than 400 experts from nearly 20 countries, regions and international organisations met the last week of October in Shidao Bay, Weihai, China, in close proximity to the construction site of the 2-module nuclear demonstration plant, HTR-PM, in Shandong province.

The HTR 2014 Conference ( is the 7th edition of this bi-annual event that began in 2002 in the Netherlands. The conference is specifically tailored to exchange the latest information on industrial, economic, energy policy and research topics related to High Temperature Reactor technology.

"The well-attended HTR-2014 reflects the growing international interest in the development of safe, clean and sustainable nuclear energy," stated Mr ZHANG Zuoyi, Director and Chief Scientist of Tsinghua University’s Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, and Chairman of HTR 2014.
"With the potential to provide electricity and process heat at various temperature levels, the deployment of HTGRs will broaden the horizons for nuclear energy applications to provide cleaner, safer nuclear energy to power economies in many regions around the world."

The performance and particularly attractive intrinsic and passive safety features of High Temperature Reactors have been demonstrated earlier in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Japan and the People’s Republic of China, where the technology is now about to make its next step into the commercial energy marketplace with the scheduled completion of HTR-PM by the end of 2017.

In addition to electricity generation, High Temperature Reactors can be deployed for process heat applications in many energy-intensive industries in the mid-term, and ultimately for bulk hydrogen production in the longer term. Owing to the very large global process heat market, High Temperature Reactors have the ability to greatly expand the uses of nuclear energy while significantly enhancing the security of energy supply and massively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, especially in industrialised countries with high costs of fossil fuel, and in developing countries where the nuclear power infrastructure is more favourable for small and modular intrinsically safe reactors.

The ARCHER papers presented at the HTR 2014 Conference are listed and available for download below.

TRACK 1 National Research Programs and Industrial Projects
HTR System Integration in Europe and South Africa F. Roelofs, J. Ruer, P. Cuadrado Garcia, J. Cetnar, D. Knoche, J. Lapins, S. Kasselman, P. Stoker, M. A. Fütterer
NRG, Netherlands
The ARCHER Project S. Knol, M.A. Fütterer, F. Roelofs, N. Kohtz, M. Laurie, D. Buckthorpe, W. Scheuermann
NRG, Netherlands
TRACK 2 Industrial Applications and Markets
ARCHER HTR Technology in support of a Coal to Liquid Process – An Economic Feasibility View P.W. Stoker, J.I.J. Fick, F. Conradie
North-West Univ., South Africa
TRACK 3 Fuel and Waste
Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of Silicon Carbide in TRISO Fuel at High Temperatures Nadia Rohbeck, Ping Xiao
Univ. of Manchester, UK
A new Model Explaining Silver Migration through SiC Coatings in TRISO Particle Fuel Xin Geng, Nadia Rohbeck, Fan Yang, and Ping Xiao
KüFA Accident Testing of HTR Fuel Pebbles irradiated in the High Flux Reactor in Petten O. Seeger, M. Laurie, A. El Abjani, J. Ejton, D. Boudaud, P. Carbol, V.V. Rondinella, M. Fütterer, H.-J. Allelein
JRC-ITU, Germany
Preparation of SiC and Ag/SiC coatings on TRISO surrogate particles by Pulsed Laser Deposition Martin Lustfeld, Anne-Maria Reinecke, Ana Ruiz-Moreno, Wolfgang Lippmann, Antonio Hurtado
University Dresden, Germany
TRACK 4 Materials and Components
Corrosion tests of high temperature alloys in impure helium.
Jan Berka, Jana Kalivodova, Monika Vilemova, Zuzana Skoumalova, Petr Brabec
CVR Řež & Institute of Chemical Technology Prague,
Czech Republic
ARCHER Project: Progress on Material and Component Activities for the Advanced High Temperature Reactor D.E. Buckthorpe
Manchester Univ., UK
Corrosion behaviour of metallic materials in the experimental helium loop (HTHL-1) Jana Kalivodová, Jan Berka, Jozef Dámer, Ivan Víden, Jaroslav Burda, Markéta Zychová
CVR Řež, Czech Republic
TRACK 5 Reactor Physics Analysis
Calculation of the Fission Product Release for the HTR-10 based on its Operation History (not available) A. Xhonneux, C. Druska, S. Struth, H.-J. Allelein
FZJ, Germany
Development of a new nuclide generation and depletion code using a topological solver based on graph theory (not available) S. Kasselmann, S. Scholthaus, C. Rössel, H.-J. Allelein
FZJ, Germany
TRACK 6 Thermal-Hydraulics and Coupled Code Analyses
First Results for Fluid Dynamics, Neutronics and Fission Product Behaviour in HTR applying the HTR Code Package (HCP) Prototype (not available) H.-J. Allelein, S. Kasselmann, A. Xhonneux, D. Lambertz
FZJ, Germany
TRACK 7 Development, Design and Engineering
TRACK 8 Safety and Licensing
Is Tritium an Issue for High Temperature Reactors? M.A. Fütterer, E. D'Agata, X. Raepsaet
JRC-IET, Netherlands
Influence of high temperature treatment on graphite dust remobilization in a HTR primary coolant circuit C. Stöckel, T. Barth, J. Zhao, H. Großmann, W. Lippmann, U. Hampel, A. Hurtado
TU Dresden, Germany
Safety Requirements for HTR Process Heat Applications N. Kohtz, M. A. Fütterer
TÜV Rheinland